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tv   We Are Data  CSPAN  July 31, 2017 1:25am-2:30am EDT

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putting forward talk about us incarceration talks about the evolution of colonialism in the american west it has not stopped gore ended and i would argue the of militarization of policing began at conquest and remained. >> host: assistant professor of history ucla ucla, but kelly hernandez all other of "city of inmates" conquest, rebellion, and the rise of human caging in los angeles, 1771-1965
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. >> i and john and i am pleased to welcome him in support of this book and it can be purchased downstairs i'm sure he will be happy to sign for you if we run out of copies we can order a book for you. so find me if you cannot get the book you wanted. please silents your cellphone into be available on-line we do have pamphlets
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and fliers in the back said he takeout the phone and please don't. >> we were worried about batteries dying. sova to use these technologies that it sees my face. with those algorithms but
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most importantly this may seem like a reassuring reminder. so the distances are measured with that like the hood the based on the search history perhaps it is more pernicious budget is day condition and did it does not shape that live. in the real human complexity
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simply not those traces but rather temporary members this is the of measurable type. then those that were clandestine. white, jr. race and class quantitative measurable types of forms. but in other words, then anything other than those strip down dave negative categories.
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and then they do so on their terms. with this serious reference to be extrapolated that reduces us so within this framework with a scholarship brickbat addition in the real world and the invisible world that is increasingly shaping government. said at the university of michigan please welcome. [applause] >> diane very happy to be
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here also that friends and family and people that i want to meet. and we could talk about this in the future so it being keyed did good job of explaining the idea not to that individually we are made of data at. rather rather it comes to us from a single thesis you are not who you thank you are. but there is that centesis that the terms of the data are not of the reality. so we the coveys things that is asymmetrically disturbing the resources but that is
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the way we negotiate they don't try to put you through those legal procedures the to find that category so with that targeting mechanism the at what we've feet give israel about who we are it is said to us but to interpret that day negative so one way to see that this is the adm of gender. so who do they face guy m.? so then they find out that
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the beam google doesn't know who you are. it takes i am 65 and older that this study but also not necessarily inaccurate because it says i like beauty and fitness say don't know how bad is developed but that is a connection and they try to make other than those it --- actual identity is. in their not trying to understand that patriarchy or gender performance the rather templates of data so is this wrong or right? rather leave the attire leave new layer.
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not based on actual normal things but with those regimes of gender. but this tries to show those attributes and then produces one towards those college graduates. in misidentification or that ability to become college graduates but to be that extraordinarily powerful metric in those analytics itself understand those to graphics so with the
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progressive political bloc with firsthand experience to look at the breakdown this would determine the type of stories that we write so imagine if we have a bunch of white people you could do one of two things. and those all over the u.s. said general or we cannot bring them so the bread and butter but to say i as a 65 year-old logan that i would
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be a woman but i would end the decree passages and then realizing talking about it in the book better so who would have thought? said to watch that short video of policy's savings have impacted or that strangest that globalization and have everything. to proclaim patrol those profiles are granted so
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though one side of his identification in then to have that tradition how those terms of information that is it true displays that understanding because it erases the body. so how companies and governments and researchers with layers upon additional layers. the process cleaved from of databases so that is all of the basis of that interpretation so technologies produced that
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we are pushed through that argues about the algorithm. but they're not composed of the dead in a victory. not from subjective experiences. and with an identity. and then to have expressive power. we cannot fake about gender the same way or assault the rhythmic grace. so did this way so to talk
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about the victory have edited dave. so with those algorithm neck citizens. but it was fascinating they said so in the documents because 51 percent. what does that mean? his you prove that to the passport or you don't or a bed you try to of the decay yourself. so this becomes problematic when you say who deserves the right to privacy that is
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a question with a full they or social security number that we are just a google account so what they try to do was create new index for citizenship to make that complete the legal so a person named james looks at information what sites that you visit in order to determine the new citizenship and that i would be seen as as a decision within usa --- the parliament and then because of a foreigner that information they used to evaluate is based on weird
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consumption the english you are more likely to be a better citizen is speak another language, if you're in the u.s. if your ip address goes wrong side of the united states and even if you talk to people those who at the moment seems to be a forerunner this is the way tsa determine citizenship but also who is a terrorist. i like his quotation the founder of the 0k cupid to critically assessed to understand the power of data
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and rights to take this phenomenon with a microchip can understand the most important to anyone can have but to use those algorithms to tell the stories to a person and then i go one. metadata it is data about data l.i. query were from or where you send the text message it has identified through in the mail or the type of device you have used to send. so if they were plucked from the ethernet when processed it is spoken for ways to would not wanted to speak former chief michael hayden alerts to us how it could be spoken for as of produced by a terrorist and then to get
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that pre-existing pattern and that signature if it fits with did that signature of the terrorist template you define yourself a the end of a the predator drone strake that has no target of a vacation of the groups of men who have certain signatures associated with terrorist activity so with this in mind we call people that the war of terror does the rest so with the strong program the strikes were targeted with a suspected individuals to their voice or their name the and the drone operator blocks sit on that individual but in 2008 following the frustration from the pakistan me state policy the u.s. the changes
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the guidelines that only could they claimed also have a database so although it does not publicly differed she retrieved the target of a strike one could be a spike in the frequency there were 49 strakes and 372 of those seven years betrayed 2009 and 2015 so to me we indexed every identified signature behavior u.s. government has those drawn attacks with the pattern set of data. that was the targets and forcibly under the of civilians have since died.
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data obliterated wedding party with that of your kid war breaking but it was and remains in distant lands prevent unintentional targeting of a wedding party that produces data with have permanent uncertainty of the geographic area. with the potential to be identified as if they were. some of this operation frames who we are in those terms to add that pattern analyzed so as the media scholar rates such logic
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like this signature strake is those back stories it is been conjured up the abandonment in favor of world the detail. even in such a of detail we are strategically fictionalized with the philosophy as is so low that world is the portrayal of the reality to find your way more easily in this role but deplorably the ada to tell the power of the stories for us so it did this story of discovery it is they said that drives the plot our species putting now more of the knowledge that it had said any and other time.
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in the form susceptible to the signals intelligence. and it failed to capture the are rich through the big data perspective to financially require the signature has saved the logical next up for crowhop for those eric davis led driven the could look familiar although both most likely speak arabic internal white and practice islam with this construction could have terrorism that is described as baggage and it is also encountered at the
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intersection of this monster. so it is easy it into the routine to kill the people who are trying to kill us. it also defines those conditions for you to be considered so this is reinforced by that identification of the geopolitical leads some now as they pass through that fisher to be justified the presently they need that digital signature but not a human being. as you don't need to go his
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name but the activity is that they have dead engaged after they cannot identify an - - and individual so that is that the simple strategic convenience that is beyond the database logic of the nsa so the question of who is the terrorist is answered through the engineering the problem study engineers there will find ways to turn these problems the nsa has the incredible capacity that knowledge about who we are following those small patterns of data for those patterns of correlation the
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algorithm neck terrorist adds another layer and the family saw now think about something that when i was doing my research early on i've always taken by a the culture so in one example i will show you a recruiting video to let people go in and the late nineties with this mantra inside us so this is a to a half minute video that i will read something about it. >> inside us there is a code that represents not only
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are, but who we might become. of our potential. twenty-five years ago a company was started based on the idea technology is the key to unlocking the power of potential so microsoft launched a revolution. fueled by the latest software and then broke down barriers people ask what can i be? workers asked how far can i go? we give them the tools to express their ideas .
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we empower them. what is the next big thing? we enable them to fulfill their visions. the better we do our job the more professionals we unleash and and speyer - - inspire. moving forward with these unexpected opportunities is the world's greatest challenge. to a fancy achievements to unleash the potential.
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microsoft. >> i love this so much because it is so utopian but also sold '90s but i use this video at the beginning of the conclusion. we are made of data but only when it is useful this is best described so those ivory utopians the weather earlier actualized through technology that laid bare by the maker soft rhetoric
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despite the code inside of us with our potential the potential recruiting videos celebrates day world going hand-in-hand with individual technology and the colonization of the new liberal metaphor of code. so to go to a soccer match your drink a glass of wine so it is like that is that the detriment or of a child's birthday. into have that more substantial consequence this codified interpretation of how the digital world is organized and how the world is defined and how it is
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connected to of course, that is recited the point to use that for but then to use that to critique their role to determine who we might become. representation is second fiddle to raise class gender's sexually rewriting these codes translates the author of who we are to define what classifies us to carry immense weight who possesses says a citizen or who your friends are. and it is no longer expressed in terms you cannot understand and never say i am john with a full
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comprehension of what that means. however john can be controlled it is like those who control the past control the future. to control everything that comes before so what happens you have that constructive? with the 2010 film about facebook it is written with a human being becomes the data they are reduced everything shrinks friendship for language in a way it is a transcendent experience our feelings and our desires reminds me of those that we should be careful what we wish for.
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but on facebook they are owned because we're made of data. research has a new idea of an appropriate to introduce more decorum into our lives. the with photostat is updates and videos it everything that is considered inappropriate content. if it is unbecoming it will ask the are you sure you want your boss or your mother to see? that is from the same presumption of the caucasian that the nsa and knows the terrorist but they don't. but despite this facebook gentility will have more
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herb behavior than any other they will block your potential but not in the way the microsoft wants you to believe. it wants you to believe that it is hard coded your system trust me you don't. with one brief look wilted -- liggett that terrifying competence but it doesn't block the ability to make your life useful purpose imagined a world where it keeps the world's information but also controls that this is the problem that we encounter. not in the way people talk about it. public libraries aren't losing funding in their heavily protecting copyrights that is one kind
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of privatization but to have that ability to figure what is facebook appropriate. that is my day presentation i will recycle some images is on automatic from the book i will take questions. [applause] . .
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